Peer Feedback Halls of Fame...and Shame --- To Help Us Improve Our Feedback Skills.

Don't you love good peer feedback? Somebody took the time and trouble to think about your writing and honestly tell you what was good, what had potential but needs improvement, and--the hardest part--what was not good (every writer lays an egg sometimes), and all in a nice, tactful way. If you get really good feedback, put enter the person's name in the "Stars" table, and link their name to the page with good feedback.

But...ummm....What about those other people? You know--the ones who are nice but not helpful; the ones who seem just plain mean (or were they trying--and failing--to be funny?); or, worse yet, the ones who didn't even do the work. Enter them in the tables below also, and link to examples.
source (Flickr) Feedback STARS: Add name, city, date below=(REAL WORLD? YOU GET A RAI$E AND PROMOTION!)=
source (Flickr) TOO NICE, but NOT HELPFUL! Add name, school, date below.==REAL WORLD: WE LIKE YOU, BUT WANT BETTER IDEAS.==
source (Flickr) Your feedback felt MEAN! Add name, school, date below.==(REAL WORLD: LEARN TACT, OR LOSE YOUR JOB.)==
source (Flickr) HELLOOO?... Did you have an emergency? Or were you just LAZY?? (no draft OR no feedback) Add name, school, date below==(REAL WORLD: THREE STRIKES AND YOU'RE OUT. YOU'RE "FIRED" AFTER 3 TIMES.)==
Star 1: Nisha and Shannon
Too Nice 1:Tamsyn C.
Mean 1:Luka M, Krajuvevac, Serbia. 23-3-2007.
Hellooo?1: KatieC
Star 2: Grace and You Won
Too Nice 2:
Mean 2:
Hellooo?2: SyndeyV

Star 3: Steva
Too Nice 3:
Mean 3:
Hellooo?3: Ana V

Star 4: Iqmal and Victor

Star 5:

Star 6:

Star 7: