Day 1 (12-13 March):
  • Introduce the project, visit 1001 Flat World Tales
  • Discuss assignment with rubric
  • Register all students for this wiki
  • Partner students
  • Select stories
  • Create partner page
  • "What makes a good story?" activity

Day 2 (14-15 March):
  • Discuss basics of working with wikis (tech skills including bold, italics, underline, headers, bullets & numbering, horizontal rule, linking, inserting pictures and media) - go over the difference between reading on- and off-line and the need to use the Rich Text Editor to organize your space well
  • Complete partner page & link blogs
  • Brainstorm stories (Inspiration)

Day 3 (16&19 March):

Day 4 (20-21 March):
  • Finish first draft
  • Upload onto wiki
  • Read other stories and peer edit using the Peer Response Questions - copy and paste questions into your peer review partner's story page and answer them in a constructive, helpful and meaningful way.

Day 5 (22-23 March):
  • Peer Review stories