Hi King. I want to tell you one folk story from my country. It won’t be long but you might learn something about my people from here.


The north wind met the sun. The day was lovely and sunny.

“I’m stronger that you”, said the north wind
“No, I’m stronger than you, said the sun.
“Let’s find a man and try our strength on him”, suggested the north wind.
They were looking around and spotted a man in a coat. The north wind started to blow very hard. The man wrapped the coat around himself, shivering with cold. He could hardly move. The north wind smiled: “You see, I’m so strong that he could hardly fight with me.”
Then the sun started to shine. It shone so strong, that the man first took his coat off, then began to wipe his forehead and finally he had to sit down to have a rest.
“You see”, the sun was glittering, “sometimes you’d better use your wisdom than your strength to achieve something.”


Peer Response – 1st read-through: By Sara and Ivana

1. On the level of story-telling: if you were the King (or the aliens), would you allow this story-teller to live another day? If no,why not?
It was a pretty good story but you didn't make it up, i heard it before from a REAL STORY BOOK!!!
2. Think of plot—is it original? (If an adaptation, is it creative or interesting to you?)
it is not original because we read it in a real story book. make your own stories!!
3. Think about conflict. Does the story have a natural conflict? Are there complications that add enough suspense, tension, or interest? Is there a climax that satisfies you? Is the resolution satisfying? What could be added or changed?
i think you should change everything because it's not original.
4. Think of characterization—are the characters realistic? Individual? Do we get a good sense of character from many of these: description, dialogue, narrator's opinion, discussion from other characters, the character’s own actions?
The characters are very realistic in an odd way. There are no other characters in this story, so we cant really answer or give you suggestions on this one!
5. Think of word choice, imagery, and details. Do they help you see and hear and experience the story? Do any word choices need changing?
it's kind of for small kids, and the word choice is okay. no, t does not help us see or hear and experience the story.
6. On the level of "culture"--what do you think this writer is trying to reveal about the culture he/she lives in? Summarize what this story tells/shows about its culture in a sentence or two.
Serbian culture had nothing to do with wind, and i can tel, because i'm Serbian!!!! :]
7. Does this revelation of culture possess much insight or show you something unique? Do you get a picture of cultural practices? Of gender roles, love relationships, family roles, habits, religious practices, beliefs, food, social expectations, etc.? Should anything be thrown out? Added?
no. You should add more, because we kind of got bored of this story because we also already heard it once before.
8. What areas of the story need the most improvement?
the whole story.....but if we had to choose, we would say the end, because it had no ending, it just thaught you a good lesson.
9. Summarize the theme of the story in a sentence or two. Don't just summarize the story, or say what its topic is--that's not theme. "Theme" is what the story reveals about the topic. So put your theme statement in this sort of pattern: "This story reveals that (topic) is (message about the topic)." Do your best here. You'll show the writer what his/her story DOES say, as opposed to what the writer WANTS it to say.
The theme of the story is that you should always feel good just the way you are and you shouldn't have to have competitions to prove that you are strong and unique.
10. Be specific, try not to merely write, " this was good", instead explain what was good about it and why.
To be honest, I don't think that a lot of this what you wrote was good. We heard it before, and you should make it a little bit longer so that we can see that you have put a lot of effort in this project.