The recognized hero, Emillia beat John with her jet plane and some of her troops. She was too great for him. It was such a loss of him and was depressed that he didn't revenge her. John was kicked out of the country and luckily he could not come back after all. The mess that Emillia and John made in KL and some destroyed buildings were re-built and were cleaned. In a few seconds, it looke even nicer!
All the citezens and the royal were extremely delightful and gratified of her good job. Therefore, Emillia was recognised as Malaysia's top hero, awarded a real gold trophy and lots of money. She also became the head of the Malaysian force, whom she was the best fighter.
After quite a long time, Emillia got married with tremendously handsome Malaysian person and got two children. She had told all about her zestful story.