A child came up to her with a sad face, asking her to stop the war immediately. However, it was really difficult because John wanted to kill her and become a famous and a fasinating inventor.The war didn't seemed to be finish and thier strength were too powerful.The local people couldn't manage their patients so they tried to attack Emillia and John with fear because they were making the peoples life difficult and making the country mess by destroying buildings and killing some of locals. Both of them didn't know what to do but they ran toward as fast as they could to get away the huge amount of mad people throwing things at them. John just pulled out his gun and shouted if they don't hurt him, John would not shoot however, it didn't work.John had no choice but he kept shooting at the people. Soon, the Malaysian Force and the royal came toward John and Emillia slowly. The king asked them all sorts of questions and bad mouthed them several times. Both John and Emillia became angry and knew they would soon be dead meats. Emillia peeped at the force and they were staring at her and they were pointing their fierce guns at her and John too. John was still holding his powerful gun but hinding and waiting the chance to shoot at them. After a moment, the king shouted that the country is now useless and eager to kill both of them. There was an awkward silent. John apolozed for the destruction to the royal however, the king still seemed to regret it.
Then, King told both of them to do a favor for him. It was to make him hapier and enjoyable to forget about the disaster. Unfortunately, it made them nerve-lacking thinking that if they fail, they would die. Soone the king made his choice to commend his force to kill both of them and take away the goods they have, such as the impressive weapons they used.
Finally, the people found peace and were thankful of the king. Once again the locals recognized as the really admirable king and couldn't forget what a brilliant thing that he had done. Then he re-build all the buildings with more objects and make it a better place.