Unfortunately, John and Emillia couldn't control their anger, therefore, they kept battling among themselves. The lazer beams was annoying the people and destroying some of the buildings. The villagers were full of madness, disappointment and sadness, because lots of them accidently got shot and died in a seconds also thier precious houses, condos and many buildings looked aweful and really dreadful. Thousands of people were defintely astonished about the war. If the people tried not to stop the huge fight between two of them, Malaysia would collapse and and it would become a disaster! Unfortunately, when the villagers thought that the country wouldn't be able to find peace and they probably would not live happily. John's special weapon was too strong, so it destroyed the Petronas Twin-tower and it got wrecked. Emillia could kill thousands of innocent people with her fighting jets! The war was going horribly.
It looked as if the war wouldn't be ending and all the innocent people were running away from the two of them.
After few years, the fight between John and Emillia ended with tie. They both stared back at themselves and just disappeared suddenly without any notices. The country was full of wrecked buildings, dirty garbages, too many dead people and every one escaped thier country to seek safe.
Then, some helicopters and planes, tanks and soldiers came toward the battle field and the Malaysian royal was really depressed after looking at all the destroyed buildings. It appeaered as Everybody tried not to believe good things about Emillia and she was considered an evil spirit. The King commended the soldiers to find her and bring her and John back. Unfortunately, Emillia and John were not found. Soon, Malaysia became very poor and asked other countries to help, but it was no use. Unluckily, lots of people died of hunger and it was the fall of Malaysia.( The country ceased to exist)