After 41 days of brutal punishment, Bruno, taking any advantage that he can find, tripped Indera and pointed his sword to this throat.

“Bruno, you shall stab me if you want, as I am not afraid of death. You have proven yourself to me that you are in fact the best snake-hunter in the world. But if you spare me, I will promise to declare you the best snake-hunter in the entire region." Indera finally said.

"Well... I DO want to stab you. Since today, I mark my best accomplishment yet, Indera, PREPARE TO DIE!" Bruno shouted with all his might.

Bruno then stabbed Indera in her throat, and killed her. Indera glanced at Bruno one last time, choked, and died. He now has now completed his goal, and won this fight. At the time Indera looked at Bruno one last time, he resented stabbing her for some reason, as he knew that he fell in love with her during the fight. But there is nothing that he can do now, as what's done is done. Many stories have a “happily ever after” ending, this one is different. This battle has lasted for 41 days, making Indera have the record for staying the longest with venomous snakes. Up till today, we speak of her story, as she was known to be a brave woman who got killed by another snake-hunter. Some say that she haunted and murdered Bruno in his bed after dieing, but some say that she simply went to heaven. No one really knows the truth of what happened after the death of Indera, but we are sure of something. She was a great person with a loving heart.

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The End.

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