When Azhar was younger he had been the star on the school's swim team and he was still a very fast swimmer. Azhar barely made it to land before the pirates caught him. He broke in through the door of the lighthouse and ran up the stairs to the top where he finds nothing.
Azhar slept in the lighthouse overnight, and the next morning he decided to search the whole lighthouse for any supplies he could use. He searched thoroughly and luckily found a boat, food, and water. Azhar decided to continue his voyage on to find every fish.
He travels to the Atlantic Ocean where he finds a boat broken into a million pieces sinking into the ocean. Nearby, there was a tiny strip of land that seemed to be abandoned. Azhar then decides to investigate the broken boat.
He docks on the strip of land and began to explore. The island was pure desert, and lying on the ground, was a man gasping for air. Azhar went toward him with a concerned look.
"Are you okay?" Azhar asked as he took a closer look. Azhar then gasped. It was his father.
"Dad, is that you?" asked Azhar. There was no answer. He let out a tear and clutched him tightly.