Since the pirates were in boats, they had easily caught up to him. Since he didn't have any valuables, they offered him a deal.
"We'll let ye live if ye will agree to be our slave on the Bloody Skull!" Said the captain of the Blood Thirsty Bunch.
"I'll do it if you release in 3 years time!" said Azhar, still out of breath.
"Deal, but if ye betray us in any way, you're ours for life." said the pirate as he offered a handshake. Azhar eagerly excepted the handshake thinking the pirates were uneducated and would easily be able to outwit them.
Azhar was set to work immediately. He had to clean the ships inside out and had to act as a decoy if the coast guard attempted to catch them. Azhar survived every miserable day by thinking up a way to escape.
The next morning Azhar woke up before sun rise, making sure not to wake up any of the pirates. Azhar quickly filled 1 of the pirates motor boats with food and fishing gear. He lowered the boat into the water, and took off into the sunrise.
After 4 years the people of his hometown were expecting Azhar to arrive, but he never did. Nobody knows what happened to him, maybe the pirates captured him, or perhaps he died? No one knows for sure.