That’s when the miracle happened; a helicopter appeared in the sky and on the side it said “South African Royal Coast Guard” Azhar was saved. The helicopter took him to the closest city, Cape Town where they dropped him off in a hospital and he was given a check-up.
2 days later Azhar was back on the Ocean again with a brand new boat that he had bought with the money he had received from the pirates after they had been captured because of the damages they had caused.
After just a day of sailing Azhar reached the Southern Ocean and quickly gathered the fish he needed, he than headed straight for the Atlantic, his 2nd to last Ocean that he needed to get fish from. Sailing was a lot more fun and peaceful now that he had gotten away from the turbulent seas around Africa, it took Azhar only 7 weeks to reach the Pacific Ocean, his last stop. He made sure to really enjoy fishing that day since this was his last stop. As he started to reach the island around Langkawi he noticed many people and boats where parked by his house, the news that he had been traveling around the world most have spread. They where cheering for him “Azhar! Azhar! Azhar!” he felt so proud, he could almost of sworn that his dad was standing right next to him smiling and saying “Good job Azhar, I’m very proud of you.”
“Thanks dad” Azhar said to himself, “I love you.”
He reached shore where he was greeted with applauds and laughter, the next day the Sun interviewed him about his amazing feat. He was given 1000 RM from the Malaysian Book of Records and Azhar never had to worry about money again.