The troll suddenly wakes up as soon as the boy and the chicken lands. The troll chases the boy and the chicken and then picks up his club and throws it with all his might and the club hits the chicken and the chicken dies. The boy runs on alone, and he meets another troll, then he meets lots of trolls and he notices that he is in troll land. It is very hard to survive in the Troll Land and every troll that lived there was very hungry. So as soon as they saw the boy running, they all went after him and started fighting over the boy. After the long fight, the troll killed themselves and all that was left was their clubs. It took a a while for the boy to notice what had just happened but soon started to walk his way home. On the way, he finds the dead chicken and makes a big fire to burn it. When the fire was set on the chicken, there were smoke everywhere and the boy could not see anything for a while but when the smoke cleared, the body of the chicken was gone and on the same spot, he found a big pile of gold and rubies. He takes the treasure back to his house and as he was not very rich, he buys a better house and becomes the richest person in town.

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