As he was running, he he looks through his bags again and finds the small chicken egg. Now the troll is just a few kilometers away, so the boy climbs up a large cliff to hide. The troll tries to climb after the boy, but he is too big and has no places to put his hands and feet, so he fell down and got knocked out.
On the cliff, the boy makes a fire and warm some food he had stolen from the troll. At night the boy decides to eat the egg too, so he throw the egg into the fire and waits for it to get cooked. Then suddenly the egg cracks open and the smallest, fire red chicken he has ever seen comes out. The chicken lay down and sleeps in the fire.
The next morning the chicken wakes up and goes to the bag of gold and starts eating the gold. Then the boy wakes up and starts feeding the chicken with more gold. But He keeps the diamond with the needle safe in his pocket. After eating the bag full of gold, The chicken grew bigger and bigger until it was just as big as a dog! Later, They find the troll sleeping under the cliff and the boy tries to figure out a way to escape from the troll. Now he feeds the chicken with more gold until the chicken finally grew as big as the boy and then the boy sits on the back of the chicken. The chicken jumps off the cliff and floats down to the ground like a big kite.

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