Welcome Middle School students and teachers!

Welcome to the first middle school workshop for the 1001 Flat World Tales project! We are using the story telling format of 1001 Nights to tell a new story, a story of our world. The format of 1001 Nights is unique, with thousands of different stories embedded within the one main story.

First deadline approaching! Watch the due dates page for upcoming deadlines!

Students in Malaysia: your final draft is due Friday 13 April!

Collaborating on this project are students from:


Nashwaaksis MIddle School


Broadfording Christian Academy



Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
, Kragujevac, Serbia
Hagerstown, Maryland

The students in Malaysia will create our own myths (based on the unique and interesting records listed in the Malaysian Book of Records) and then link them together within one larger story of Malaysia, which will then be linked to the overarching story of 1001 Flat World Tales.