-The Manager Rockets His KFC Star Ship-

Santhony had a plan to rule the world of Carnivores and Vegetarians with his restaurant. That was to launch a chicken star ship which was filled with mini chicken blasters. Once the Chicken star ship was launched into space, the chicken star ship released its mini chicken blasters, which will transform all Vegetarians into Carnivores. What Santhony didn't know was that there was a man that was half Carnivore, half Vegetarian named Ekul Relkawyks. His parents named him this because he was the black sheep in the family. He was the only person that wasn't effected by the chicken blasters. Ekul Relkawyks went strait to the manager of the KFC restaurant and said, "Do you know who I am? "
Santhony said, "No I don't, who are you young one? "
Ekul Relkawyks said, "I'm half Carnivore, half Vegetarian so your chicken blasters don't effect me. Also...... I am your son."
Santhony screamed, "NNNOOOOOOO. Impossible, I thought she were(<-should be was) a Carnivore."
Ekul Relkawyks said, "Dad don't take over the world, please. Daddy."
Santhony said, "Sure son later we need to go fishing."
Then Santhony turned off his chicken blaster computer then the world returned to normal.
Also, Ekul Relkawyks and Santhony lived in peace together , and went fishing together every week.

its kinda rushed and it really doesn't make a lot of sence. i like the names though they are very original.
The End

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