-The KFC Manager Will Take Over The World-

The KFC manager wanted to take over the world because he wanted to have KFC as the best restaurant and the only restaurant. To accomplish his task he put mechanical chips into the food so that the customers will be controlled by the himself. Once all Malaysians have got the chicken chip into their system they would be used to attack and defend the Chicken restaurant (KFC) and the Chicken Embassy. From then on the Malay race will be under control by the chicken war. The Vegetarians asked for the Chicken Embassy to stop what they were doing but the Chicken Embassy refused. So then the vegetarians attacked the chicken embassy also known as the greatest KFC in the world. The vegetarians attacked with their farm tools. The KFC embassy could not defend itself from such an attack. The vegetarians swarmed around the chicken embassy and destroyed all the computers which controlled the mechanical chips in the Malaysian races around the world and restored everything to normal. However the KFC food was to good to resist so the KFC restaurant has became famous and is all around the world.

The End

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