The farmer had ideas of how he would infiltrate the well-guarded house and he intended to implement them. Firstly, he had to deal with the gates and the motion sensors. He had to cut his way though the gates and was almost killed by a falling spike from the gate. The primary issue was the motion sensors because the farmer had no idea of how to avoid them. He decided to simply charge in and steal the egg as well as kill the village chief. As he ran though the motion sensors, he was stabbed in the back by the spikes that shot up when the motion sensor was activated. He knew this was the end of the line. The village chief came with a gun, pointed it at the farmer’s head and fired. The bullet went though his head, shattering his skull and killing him instantly.
The village chief smiled and went back to bed satisfied that his job was done. He was caught by the police the next day, but he didn’t care; he had hidden the egg and no one would ever find it. Two weeks later he was executed, but now nobody knows the location of the egg. The egg was placed in an airtight bag so it wouldn’t rot and buried somewhere in the kampung. Where, no one knows. So ends the tragic tale of the world’s smallest egg.